Make your garden or terrace extra cosy with our Marino patio heater on gas. Sold by the exclusive distributor of Sunwood, Dutch Design in Spain.

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SUNWOOD gas fires
available in SPAIN

We are the General agency of Sunwood terrace heaters for Spain, Portugal and Italy. Your contact for any tecnical questions, delivery and service. We sell to Hotels, restaurants, specialized dealers as well to individuals.

Here at Clima-heating Europe SL, we provide beautifully designed Sunwood Patio Heaters for outdoor environments, so whatever the occasion, you can be sure that your guests will be kept warm and happy, even on the coldest of nights!

Marino outdoor gas fire
for your garden at home

The Marino patio heater is perfectly suited for use in your backyard or garden at home. Imagine sitting outside during a summer evening having drinks with friends and family. As soon as it becomes chilly the outdoor gas fire will keep you warm.

Marino patio heater
will keep your guests warm

The Marino gas fire is suited for use in the hospitality industry. The outdoor patio heater will keep your guests warm once the temperature drops. In addition, the timeless design and playful flames of the mobile fire place will create a cosy atmosphere on the terrace of your restaurant. This picture was taken by Intercontinental Hotel Amstel Amsterdam. The image showcases the Marino gas fire on their beautifully designed terrace. 

Marino outdoor gas heater
available in all ral colours

The Sunwood Marino is a mobile patio heater that combines fire and heat perfectly. Because of the dancing flames and the unique design of the heater, this product is a real eye catcher. Available in Black, White and all RAL colours.

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